Building KatieBears

Fun at the Bear Factory

On Tuesday Sept. 21, 2010 we met at the Fun Factory in WalMart at Kanata Centrum to stuff the KatieBears that were sponsored by Jessica and the Fun Factory.

Knowing that our backs are to old to be stuffing that many bears we found some volunteers. After a quick How To from our super hero Bear stuffing expert Jessica; Alexa, Carly, Robyn, Julia, Mark and April bravely took up the task of stuffing bears

It was a lot of fun. We only had one Flying Fluff incident, which according to the nearby cashier's was very much appreciated, and somewhat surprising.

Although it's not hard work, it is time consuming when you're stuffing that many Teddy Bears! Thankfully the staff at the Fun Factory had kindly done a fair number of bears for us ahead of time.

As you can see below there were a LOT of bears headed to new homes by the end of the day

Bear Building fun