Thank You !!

KatieBears wouldn't exist without the help of a lot of fantastic people.

From family, to People we've never seen before, to friends that have stood by us for decades; KatieBears owes it's existance to all of you. Thank You!

Sponsors to KatieBears have donated significant amount of money to the cause. In exchange we offer recognition and advertising through our Sponsors Column

Contributors to KatieBears have donated one (or more) Clean New teddybears to help us help others

Volunteers at Katiebears have donated time, money, support, transportation, equipment, and anything else we've asked of them


Regretfully we can't publish the individual names of all our contributors. Thank you all so very much for your generosity.

Friends and Volunteers

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make a difference:

  • Sydney
  • Tracey, Paul, Travis, Ty
  • Jim, Lynn, Lyall, Andre
  • Brian, Rebekah, Mike, Michelle
  • Lisa, Lindsay, Morgan
  • Jason, Paula and Family
  • Brian, Nicole, Abbey, Kayla
  • Lynda, Ian
  • Kelsey, Tavis
  • Mark, April
  • Nick, Jess, Brittany
  • Shawn, Nyah, Jevyn, Sandra
  • Laura, Diane
  • Joan, Phil, Aldo


Thank You to All of our Sponsors!

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Please Note: KatiBears is not yet a registered Charity organization, as such we are not able to provide tax deductable receipts.