Douglas Christmas Parade

Wow! Uphill... Both ways.

On Sunday Dec. 18, 2011 we handed out KatieBears in the Douglas Christmas Parade.

We came to town with 270 KatieBears, 500 suckers, 100 MilkBones (yes the dogs get treats too).

Thank You to our Volunteers - that was a tough walk!

As always, the hardest part for all of us was that we couldn't give everyone a KatieBear. We tried darn hard but if we missed you I am sorry.

We took pictures of several new owners of KatieBears however if you see a picture on our site that you want removed please contact us and we will address your request promptly

Not all of the pictures worked out so if you can't find your picture here then unfortunately it wasn't usable. BUT you can send us one and we'll post it HERE !

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