Eganville Christmas Parade

KatieBears in Eganville

On Sunday December 12th, 2010 we handed out KatieBears in the Eganville Christmas Parade. It was wet, slushy and cold and We had a riot!

Eganville is beautiful little town, nestled along the shores of the Bonnechere River. It's one of those places where everyone knows everyone... The weather was so bad that we weren't sure that we'd get there, and some of our voluteers couldn't... there was even some concern about Santa getting there.

The 'Big Guy' did show up in the Nick of time, and once again our volunteers hit the road to help us hand out 100 KatieBears, 600 Candy Canes, 1000 suckers, 200 Fun Factory discount Coupons and 75 MilkBones (The dogs were very happy!).

We had a smaller crew becuase of the weather, but that didn't stop them from bringing a lot of smiles to town.

As it is everywhere we go, the hardest part for all of us was that we couldn't give everyone a KatieBear. If we missed you I am sorry. Please don't be insulted.

Our reporters tried to record the names of everyone that got a picture taken and ask permission to use the photo on, however if your picture is here without your permission please contact us and it will be removed immediately OR if you find that we've mislabelled your picture please let us know and it will be corrected - it's hard to write in the pouring rain!

Not all of the pictures worked out so if you can't find your picture here then unfortunately it wasn't usable. BUT you can send us one and we'll post it HERE !

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