KatieBears Events

Dec 14, 2012 KatieBears visited the grade 2 class at Cobden District Public in Cobden Ontarioschool to talk about our efforts in Jamaica and to hand out some more KatieBears. You can see some Pictures Here!

Dec 1, 2012 Christmas Parade in Renfrew Ontario. Wow. Over 450 KatieBears found new homes today. You see some of them on Facebook too!

Nov 25, 2012 With the help of family and friends KatieBears has started a chapter in Halifax Nova Scotia. They did their first parade Today! Congratulations folks. I know you had a blast - it's WAY to addictive not to have a great time doin it. You can find THEM on Facebook too!

Nov 24, 2012 Cobden Christmas Parade!. I can't keep up to the events at the moment. Check out the KatieBears Facebook Page for up to the minute pictures. We'll post some on the site as soon as we have time to breath

Nov 18, 2012 We held a Bowlathon in Arnprior Ontario to raise money for KatieBears and to celebrate adopting the Dalmally Basic school in Negril Jamaica. Thank you to all that pitched in for the day. As always you continue to amaze us with your support!!! We Raised $2,678 Wahhooo!. Get your teams together for next year...

Nov 6, 2012 KatieBears visited Leaps and Bounds in Arnprior Ontario to talk about KatieBears, and of course to make sure everyone we met got on to take home!

July 25, 2012 Q Media Solutions Interviews Lynda about her passion to help others and why she works so hard to make sure that the KatieBears can do just that

July 1, 2012 Canada Day! Face painting at the Bonnechere Valley Youth Association's Canada Day event

Winner of the hammock draw was Max Coleman

July 1, 2012 Bottle drive and Canada Day !

May 29, 2012 Our Shave Your Head fundrasier and Fun Day raised over $3,700

April 27. 2012 Our Auction on Facebook has ended we'll post the winners shortly. Thank you all for your generous support we raised $750!

Sunday Jan 29th 2012 Looking back, 2011 was a lot more than we thought it would be. What started out as a tribute to Katie's memory is taking it's own course now. Already in 2012 We been invited to speak in public about our experiences, and approached by a number of agencies, service clubs and other organizations that both need our help, and want to help us. 2012 is bringing on it's own challeges and the scope of The KatieBears is now way more than we ever even considered possible. Wow.

To everyone who accepted a KatieBear in 2011. Thank You.

Saturday Jan 28th 2012 KatieBears was invited to attend a Service Club in Ottawa called the Rainbow for Girls. The Rainbow Girls will be helping us with fund raising for the first and second quarters of 2012! Thank You!!

Sunday Dec 18th 2011 .. Wohoo! We made it. We finished the last of the 3 parades that we set out to do for this year! Well I gotta say they weren't jokin' when they said Douglas was a BIG turnout for kids. We handed out 270 KatieBears! That's a LOT of happy people!!.

And here they are - a couple hundred of the newest KatieBear owners in Douglas On. Click HERE,HERE,HERE,HERE or HERE!

Sunday Dec 4th 2011 KatieBears rolled into Calabogie for the Christmas parade. We introduced a LOT of KatieBears to their new Best Friends. What a Blast! Click HERE , HERE or HERE for pictures of many new KatieBear owners!

Saturday Dec 3rd 2011 KatieBears met the town of Beachburg at the Christmas parade. Click HERE or HERE for pictures of many new KatieBear owners!

Saturday Nov 26th 2011 We're raising money to Help Katiebears continue to help others. Please support us by buying some awesome home baked goods made by the Friends of KatierBears, at 290 Daniel St. South, Arnprior

Monday July 11th 2011 Katiebears held a raffle to raise money for more Bears. Thank you to all that purchased tickets. The Winners are:

  • Brenda Budarick Kobo eReader
  • Katherine Haines Golf passes for two at Whitetail Golf club
  • Rae Ann Dagenais $50. Gift card
  • Josee Barret Murder Mystery Game
  • Lena Lambert Murder Mystery Game
  • Line Agnew Murder Mystery Game
  • Cory Matthews Blues Clues Party Kit
  • Mike Muldoon McDonalds Gift Pack
  • Eric Brisbois McDonalds Gift Pack
  • Again - thank you to all that supported the raffle by purchasing tickets. And thank you to all those who donated prizes for the event!

    May 2011 We raised $400 with a Head Shaving fund raiser. A Special Thanks to Jimmy (the big guy in the Racoon Hat, and Habs jacket) for his $200 mustache!!

  • More Events from 2011 are coming soon... More than 500 KatieBears are waiting thier turn to show up here with their new owners!
  • If you've just become a parent of a KatieBear you can check here in a few days and you just might find a picture of when you first met your new KatieBear
  • Thanks to ALL of the 400+ people who accepted a KatieBear in 2010!

  • December 12th 2010 KatieBears participated in the Eganville Christmas parade. It was cold, raining and Fantastic!! Click HERE or HERE to find you and your KatieBear. Our Eganville volunteers

  • November 27th 2010 KatieBears took part in the Arnprior Christmas parade. You can click Here, Here and Here to see the pictures. And if you want to see the people that made the Arnprior Parade possible for KatieBears you can look Here

  • November 2010 KatieBears have been given to good Samaritans, Cancer and Alzheimers patients, grieving parents and spouses, and some of the newest humans on the planet too!
  • Random KatieBear Happenings.... sometimes we're lucky enough to get a picture or two.
  • Oct 1st to 4th some KatieBears visted the East Coast and a few of them found new homes in Dartmouth, Halifax and Berwick Nova Scotia.

  • KatieBears at the Hospice in Renfrew Ont.
  • Building some of our KatieBears at the Fun Factory in Wal Mart at Kanata Centrum.
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