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KatieBears to be Featured on TVO

Q Media will be interviewing the KatieBears!!

Subject: Working out Dates to Shoot Getinvolved!

Hello Lynda,

Thanks again for taking some time out of your day to chat with me for the upcoming Getinvolved! series.

We have the green light from our broadcasters at TVO (they love your story!) so we are just putting together a shooting schedule now.

My team and I will come to you, and we are hoping to start shooting sometime in July or August.

Is there anytime in particular that does not work for you? (whether it be a time you are away on vacation, or if you have a work commitment that you would not be able to miss) Let me know days that do NOT work for you, or days that work really well and we will start putting our schedule together.

Just as a note, we are also hoping to travel during the week days (weekend travel becomes a much larger expense, both for the crew and for potential flights) so if you could highlight week days that would work for you, that would be great.


Caitie Drewery / Production Coordinator

Q Media Solutions

2 Berkeley Street, Suite 305

Toronto ON M5A 4J5

p 416 361 5907 f 416 361 0637

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KatieBears are teddy bears that are given 'to anyone who looks like they could use a hug'. KatieBears are always New, Clean and Free. We are located in the Ottawa Valley region of Eastern Ontario.

You can identify your Genuine KatieBear by the purple button, as shown here, on your KatieBear's ear.

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'Katie believed that everyone deserved a special Christmas. We hope this makes your Christmas special'


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