Katiebear Idol Entrants

Khloe Bertrand

Ashley Lafave Duplessis

Sierra Levesque

Danielle Dagenais

Morgan Weeks

Abigail Weeks

Michelle Ménard

Sadie Brydges

Victoria Smith

Megan Affleck

Payton Schweigert

Zoe Mosiondz-Sagmeister

Phoenix Mosiondz-Sagmeister

Jannelle Martini

Sarah Malatesta

Brielle Bourgoin-Visutski

Alexia Bulger

Aliah Nizaha

Katiebear Head Shave Entrants

Colleen Weeks

Lynda Fraser

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What are KatieBears ?

KatieBears are teddy bears that are given 'to anyone who looks like they could use a hug'. KatieBears are always New, Clean and Free. We are located in the Ottawa Valley region of Eastern Ontario.

You can identify your Genuine KatieBear by the purple button, as shown here, on your KatieBear's ear.

If you've recieved a KatieBear we'd like to hear from you - Please use our Contact form. Don't forget to check out our Events page for pictures of LOTS of happy people - maybe even you !!

'Katie believed that everyone deserved a special Christmas. We hope this makes your Christmas special'


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