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KatieBears and PACE Canada

KatieBears will be teaming up with PACE Canada to help schools in Jamaica

From: Mary Anne Chambers

Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 10:07 PM

To: KatieBears

Cc: Ian Fraser ; Lynda Fraser

Subject: RE: Contact PACE Canada

Dear Lynda,

Thank you for your note, and for your initiative in support of Jamaica's children.

P.A.C.E. (Canada) currently has an agreement with Sangster's Book Stores, a Jamaican- based company for supplying and delivering boxes of school supplies to the schools in our Adopt-A-School program. Our Adopt-A-School sponsors donate the cost of the school supplies, and we send the orders to Sangster's.

Getting school supplies into Jamaica, and then to the particular schools, is not an simple task. Our approach avoids these challenges.


Mary Anne Chambers


P.A.C.E. (Canada)

From: KatieBears

Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 12:44 PM

Cc: Ian Fraser; Lynda Fraser

Subject: Contact PACE Canada

Hello Everyone,

I am Lynda Fraser from Arnprior Ontario. With the support of my family and friends we have started a not-for-profit organization called KatieBears.

This organization was created in memory of our 22yr old daughter who died of a pulmonary embolism in August of 2009.

Our original purpose was to collect money to buy Teddy Bears and give them to people who need a hug. Our scope has changed quite drastically and last year we committed to raising funds for the education of Jamaican children. We had our first visit to Jamaica in January 2009 on advice at that time from our daughter Katie. It was not the kind of vacation we would have normally taken. Our first trip was amazing and the best part was the Jamaican people. This past January we made many connections with local people to help out the kids. We are currently working with our good friend Winston Gayle who is an artist in the Negril area. We have met all of Winston's family and friends and have invited him to come volunteer with KatieBears for a 4 month period. If the Jamaican government allows him to come he will volunteer by doing paintings for KatieBears to sell. 50%of what we profit from the paintings and all of our other fundraising for the year will be destined for Jamaica. We are really hoping this will work out as I know we can raise much more if this happens. I have not completed the numbers from our last event yet, but I think we have approximately $500 for our Jamaica project so far. We have a goal of $3000.00 for this year.

We had no idea that you have been doing this for so long and I think we may be able to work together so we at KatieBears don't have to go through as many struggles to help. We are currently raising funds and we had planned on purchasing school supplies and delivering them to the schools in January. Our biggest problem with that was how to get everything to Jamaica. After seeing your Jamaica Proud show on Omni television we realized that it might be easier than we thought.

Any ideas or suggestions you could offer on how KatieBears can succeed with our goal of educating the kids would be great. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Please check out KatieBears website for more information about us.


Lynda Fraser


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