QMedia Interviews Lynda from the KatieBears

KatieBears will be featured on TVO

Catie, Steve and Stewart from QMedia Solutions pitched up at KatieBears central to talk to Lynda about KatieBears, and Voluteerism.

The Interview and the followup visits to a home for the elderly and a Library which was running a reading week will be featured this fall on TVO.

The Followup to the Library visit was to a Daycare next door and, for Eganville Jennifer Murphy, it brought home Why we do this.

"I've done a lot of great stuff since I've become Mayor", said Mayor Murphy "but this is by FAR the Best!"

I can understand why... It's addictive to make people feel good, and KatieBears is an Awesome way to do just that

Hopefully We'll be able to post a copy of the interview following the episode airing on TVO

Catie got to see why we do what we do....