Delivering KatieBears to Hospice Renfrew

Helping those that help others

On Tuesday Sept. 28, 2010 we delivered a dozen KatieBears to the Hospice in Renfrew Ontario

While attending University of Guelph, Katie worked for Renfrew Home Support during the summer. Her goal was to build awareness and raise funds for the Hospice Renfrew project - she didn't stay on long enough to see that project completed, but in the winter of 2009-2010 our family had need for the Hospice's services when Katie's Grandmother, Joan, was living with terminal Lung Cancer

I expected such a place to be clinical and the staff to be detached - how else can they possibly work in an environment where terminal illness is the norm ? It's the very opposite. When You walk in the door to the smell of homemade pie, muffins or cookies.... When you sit in the Sun Room and chat with a volunteer that's been called in just for you because you need a shoulder to cry on..... When you look at the picture of the very proud high school students who donated the Side Table... and if you look closely you can see those that may have helped them out a bit more than they know.... When you know the staff and volunteers are like family to both their guests and those that are trying to cope with the imminent loss off their loved one. You know this place is special and that these people are Amazing

I spoke to the volunteers a lot when my mother-in-law was there. I was completely overwhelmed by the selflessness that these people put forward every day. They provide companionship, comfort, laughter and love to everyone they meet, and they know from the start that their new friend is not staying with us much longer, but they put everything out there just the same.

As you can see below, the Hospice is designed to look like a House. A Home like you would want to live in until the end of your days, and if you are a guest here then it is probably the last house that you will live in....

For privacy reasons we've only included a few pictures of the location and Staff displaying some of the KatieBears we delivered. We hope these KatieBears will help a little bit where someone might need a hug just to get through the day

Hospice Renfrew