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If you read our About page you'll know that part of our motivation comes from Katie's Spirit of Christmas. You'll see where the rest of it comes from on this page.

Thanks to everyone that contacts us with comments, pictures and donations! YOU are the reason that KatiBears keeps going.

...out of no where comes these great bears!

"My name is Hali and I am a mother of a teenage boy and a nine yr old little girl. I work for the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre in Petawawa where I support families experiencing the separation of their soldier. More specific I am a children's worker. Every year we venture from our home in Pembroke out to the Douglas Santa Claus Parade. This is the parade in which we as a family donate the most, anything from food, toys, books, clothes, hats and mitts. It is important for us as parents to teach our children about surrounding communities who might not have all the supports offered in a more central/populated city/town. This year my daughter brought along her skating partner they where all set with the donation and of course a bag for the anticipate candy that was coming. Then out of no where comes these great bears! well the surprise on all of our faces was pure joy of the season and the generosity of the giving. Our picture was taken it would be the one with the lady between two kids with the big fur hat on!!!! I just took the time to visit your site. I thought wow these are great bears and something that would bring great joy to some of the kids we work with. I did not expect to read such a great story. This is really a great adventure and tradition you have created and I can truly attest to the joy it brought to my kids and all those around me who laughed and played and came up with names for their new found fluffy friend. Well done! I love paying it forward especially at Christmas and what a great lesson for our children to learn about the season of giving and sharing. Thank you for this special gift all the effort that goes into making this happen and your time given at each one of the parades you attended. Wishing you and your family a festive season filled with love, joy, happiness and most of all family. Kindest regards, Hali"

touched by the gesture

"Our 3 year old grandson was at the Douglas parade on Sun.Dec18 and received a Katie bear. Both Caleb and our daughter were very surprised and very touched by the gesture even more so after my niece explained the story behind the bear giving. Thank you so much it meant a lot to our grandson and daughter. Keep up the good work and I will be watching your website to see the upcoming fund raising events. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012." - Darlene

they will know the storey

"One of my boys was a little fuzzy but here are the pics, I just shared the story with them and when I got to the part about Katie's passing they both hugged theirs even tighter, they slept with them last night and were playing with them when I got up this morning. I also saw some of my friends' kids in your pics so I shared the link with them, not sure if they want names posted or not but at least now they will know the story behind it. Such a touching story and what a wonderful way to honour Katie's Memory" - Kimberly

Blown Away

"Hi there. I would just like to say I was blown away when a gentleman came up to my twin sons who are 3 :) and gave them a Lion and a Duck..I have been going to the Arnprior parade with my kids for a few years now. and It is by far the best. I believe in christmas spirit and try to instill it in my children.. Christmas is a time to be with friends and family and share in the joy with being with the ones you love.. I know that I am gabbing but .. It really made my night.. and then for my 9 year old daughter to read the button and look it up on the net.. WOW is all I have to say.. I am touched that we were chosen to be the proud owners of a Katie Bear.. We will pass her message on... Many Thanks.. and a very Merry christmas to you all...hugs.. Mandie T."

Katie Kat

Katie Kat

"Just recieved a Katie Bear at the Aprnprior Parade, and my daughter (also named Katie) is completely in love with it. THANK YOU! You helped bring a shy little girl out of her shell a little bit. Keep up the amazing work!!!!"... "Took a look a the pics from the Arnprior Parade last night and couldn't find one of my Katie, so I took one of my own, thought you might get a kick out of seeing my Katie Kat and her Katie Bear"

Thank you so much

Calie Age 2

"I got a horse at the arnprior parade - thank you so much, I have slept with him since I got him - Cali"

A Heartfelt Thankyou

Sierra, Karma and Anthony Age: 2, 4, 3

"Hello to all you wonderful people at Katiebears...you gave my two youngest children bears at the Arnprior parade on November 27, 2010. You dont know how much it was appreciated...you see I just recently adopted these two beautiful children that havent been so fortunate in the past until they came to live with me...so with a very heartfelt thank you from Karma, Anthony and Lisa M. Merry Christmas to you and your families"


"It sure made my grandchildren smile that night when they recieved one - thank you again. Tracy S."